How to Re-Sort Your Kitchen

When it comes to spring organising, we absolutely love getting a fresh start with our kitchens! 

Whether it’s a well sorted pantry, refrigerator or cutlery drawer – the end result is pretty fantastic! 

Organise your pantry 

We always recommend starting with the kitchen pantry. Remove all items that are past their best before date, along with any items you know your family will never eat. 

If you don’t like the idea of waste, it can be a good idea to donate these items to friends, extended family or local charities. 

You can choose to store perishable items in plastic air-tight containers or large jars to ensure they stay fresh longer. We also love keeping sections of the pantry organised by the type of food. This means storing all your breakfast cereals together, condiments, canned goods and so on and so forth. 

For an extra dose of organisation, consider utilising baskets within the pantry too. 

Clean your refrigerator

When is the last time you thoroughly cleaned your refrigerator? Probably too long ago!

We recommend using spring organising as an excuse to remove everything from within and to give each surface a good clean with an anti-bacterial spray. You can also choose to create your own cleaner with vinegar and water. 

It’s also a good time to take a look at where you’re keeping items within. Fruits and vegetables should be kept in different compartments on your crisper to ensure they don’t spoil each other, and meat should be kept on the lowest shelves – as this is generally the coolest area. 

Preserves and condiments can be slotted in the door as they’re use to uneven temperatures and won’t spoil easily. 

Sort your cutlery

Lastly, we recommend taking a good look at your cutlery drawer and creating some order! We love draw dividers as they allow you to maximise space and ensure that you always have your favourite knives and forks within easy reach. 

This can also be extended to other kinds of utensils such as wooden spoons, ladles and ice cream scoops. 

Anything that encourages you to be kitchen sorted gets a tick of approval from us! 


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