How to Prepare Your Baby’s Nursery

Congratulations – if you’re reading this blog there is a high likelihood that you’re getting ready to welcome a new family member!

Here at Home Sorted! we understand that preparing your baby’s nursery can be a daunting yet exciting task. That’s why we’re dedicating this blog to getting sorted for baby’s arrival.

Choose a quiet and close room

If you have the luxury of choosing from a number of rooms, we recommend picking one that is quiet and close to your bedroom, so you have quick access to baby throughout the night.

Declutter and clean

It’s always a good idea to give your baby’s nursery a thorough declutter and clean if you’ve previously been using the room – this includes the walls and floors to ensure a 100% clean space. Choose a non-toxic cleaning liquid or stick to traditional soap and water to ensure you don’t leave toxic chemical reside behind.

Choose a theme

One of the most exciting parts of preparing your baby’s nursery is choosing a theme. This can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or an all-out theme including wall stickers and matching toys! The choice is yours in this instance and will also depend upon your budget.

Assemble furniture with time to spare

When it comes to preparing your baby’s nursery, ensure you don’t leave anything to chance by assembling furniture well in advance. This should also be done within the nursey to ensure large items such as the crib fit through the doorway. And remember to follow the manufactures instructions – these are created to keep your baby safe!

Prepare the essentials

In the months and weeks leading up to baby’s arrival get yourself sorted by stocking up on essential items such as nappies, baby wipes and baby powder. You don’t want to be rushing to the shops at the last minute to restock.

The same goes for baby clothes. Ensure you have a range of sizes ready to go -you’ll be surprised at how fast your new arrival will grow – and be extra prepared by washing each item before placing into your baby’s wardrobe and drawers.

The first few moments of baby’s arrival are time for joy and bonding! Follow this list to ensure there are no hickups along the way! 


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