How to Organise Your Desk for Success

In the office, your desk and the way you organise it is your recipe for success. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to get you and other businesses minded people organised! 

  • Set your monitor at eye level

Your monitor should be set in the centre of your desk and at eye level – this allows you to focus and optimises performance and productivity. 

  • Ensure you have a comfortable chair and good lighting 

Next up, it’s important to ensure you have a comfortable chair and good lighting. We recommend ergonomic chairs as they reduce the risk of injury or strain when working for long periods of time. 

If possible, you should also try and position your desk within a stream of natural light. LED lights are a good substitute for natural light should the first option not be available. 

  • Don’t create clutter with personal items 

Is your desk overrun with personal items? We understand the appeal of personal photographs and knickknacks – but they shouldn’t be the centre point of your desk. If you find yourself struggling to locate items or concentrate because of these items, it’s time for them to go. 

  • Limit office supplies 

Any office needs supplies, but they don’t all need to be on your desk. Save this space for supplies you use frequently and store the rest away in a desk drawer or archive box. You can also consider keeping those that you use often in a small basket or tray to reduce clutter. 

  • Use colours and labels to sort paperwork

How many times do you try and find the right piece of paperwork to no success? Reduce this by creating a filing system based on colour and labels. Once you have the filing system in place, ensure paperwork is returned to these files after each use and only keep the important ones on your desk! 

  • Create folders for your electronic files

Once you’re done organising your desk, it’s time to pay attention to your electronic files. These should also be organised into folders to ensure that you can locate the required file at a moment’s notice. We also recommend creating a back-up system, either via cloud-based storage or an external hard drive for safety reasons. 

You can also purge folders, pictures and software that you no longer use. 

How do you keep your office and desk organised? Share your tips with us below. 


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