How to Organise Your Bathroom Cabinet

When is the last time you sorted your bathroom cabinet? With regular maintenance your bathroom cabinet doesn’t need to be a source of worry. 

That’s why we’ve put together our top tips for sorting your bathroom cabinet today! 

  1. Start fresh 

In order to truly get sorted, it’s always best to start with a blank canvas. Do this by removing everything from inside your bathroom cabinet. 

This will give you a clear idea about everything you already own and what needs to be replaced. We also recommend using this step to check the expiry dates of products and medicines – and disposing of any out of date ones. 

  • Divide shelves 

One of the best ways to organise your bathroom cabinet is to divide the shelves into different categories. We recommend using a “most used” and “least used” system. 

Place products that are used most frequently on the middle and lower shelves, as these are easier to reach. Any products that are only occasionally used can be stored on the higher shelves. 

You can also use the higher shelves to store items that need to be kept out of kids reach, such as medicines or dangerous products. 

  • Use containers 

How many loose tubes do you have roaming around your bathroom? Chances are, it’s too many to count! 

Use small containers, glass jars, or cups to group similar items together. This is especially handy for tubes that need to be stood upright or items like toothbrushes that you want to keep all together. 

We also recommend using transparent containers for cotton buds and cotton balls as it allows you to view how many you have left. 

  • Have a first-aid kit ready

All families should be prepared for the worst with a grab and go first aid kit accessible to the whole family. 

This doesn’t have to include everything that a traditional first aid kit does. Rather, pop a few bandages, some antiseptic cream and Band-Aids in an easy to reach spot. 

  • Make space for spare hand towels

Lastly, we recommend making space for spare hand towels in your bathroom cabinet. These are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and should be changed regularly. Keeping them in the bathroom will only encourage you to follow through. 

Sound good? It sure does to us! 


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