How to Nail Client Meetings

Client meetings are pressure central. You’ve got minimal time to meet and impress someone in the hope that they’ll hire you on the spot. 

Before your get sweaty palms and endless worries take a read of the following guide. Here we tell you how to nail client meetings the first time, every time. 

  1. Never underestimate your research

We cannot stress this point enough – always go into client meetings with a full arsenal of research. Everyone loves to know that the person they’re meeting with has taken the time to research their wants and needs and devised a plan of how they can help. 

Research also allows you to get confident in the material you will be presenting. Confidence helps smooth nerves and 100% will assist you in getting your message across successfully. 

  1. Be on time 

This one should be a given, but there is no excuse for tardiness when it comes to client meetings. 

Aim to get to the venue a few minutes early in case you encounter a delay on the way there. 

  1. Use small talk to set the tone of the meeting

We love small talk here at Home Sorted! Yes, it can be awkward at times, but it also allows you to set the tone of the meeting by connecting with the client on a personal level. 

  1. Only make promises you can keep

As much as you’d like to promise the end of the earth to your potential client – please don’t. 

The purpose of client meetings is to figure out how you can help and what you can offer. If this extends past your service reach, you need to be honest. There is no point promising services you cannot deliver as this will only result in an increase of distrust. 

  1. Take notes 

It’s also a great idea to take notes throughout the meeting. This will give you points to reference in any follow up correspondence. It will also allow you to provide the potential client with an accurate quote. 

  1. Thank them for meeting with you 

Finally, be sure to thank the client for their time. We all live busy lives and even if you are there for their benefit you should still thank them for taking the time to meet with you. 

Have you aced a client meeting recently? Tell us how you did it in the comments below.


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