How to Maximise Your Screen Time

In today’s technology orientated world, you’ve probably heard about the dangers of spending hour upon hour in front of a screen. 

Before you start to panic – let us reassure you that we’re not here to tell you that computers and technology are dangerous for your health. Rather, we want to ensure that you’re maximising the time spent in front of them. 

Keep reading as we dish the details below!

Use screens for a purpose 

From laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles and smart phones. It’s incredibly easy to spend a large part of the day in front of a screen. 

Instead of purely using this time for entertainment, we recommend utilising an approach that ensures you are always using screens for a purpose. This means reducing the hours you spend scrolling the internet like a zombie. 

Set time limits for emails 

Do you ever find yourself bogged down in your inbox? You’re probably not using your time as efficiently as you could be. We recommend setting yourself daily time limits for emails. This could include one hour in the morning, or two periods of time throughout the day. 

Consider when you’re most likely to respond to emails and set your time limits accordingly. 

Install apps to control time 

Another great way to maximise your time is to use timing apps. These are readily available for smartphones and function to give you a nudge when you’ve been spending too much time scrolling through social media feeds etc. It’s amazing to think about how much time we spend lost in the void of the internet these days. 

Keep technology out of the bedroom 

Finally, one of the best ways to guarantee you use your screen time most effectively is to keep technology out of the bedroom. Late at night, or when you’re winding down from a long work day, is not the time to be answering emails or worrying about tomorrow’s list of tasks. 

Use this time as a way to unwind from all the screens in your life. Pick up a book or magazine. Or chat to those in your life. Switching off before bed will also allow you to sleep more soundly. 


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