How to Maximise Small Space Storage

When it comes to small space storage it pays to be creative and plan ahead. Thankfully, we have you sorted with this list of top ideas. 

Are you ready to maximise the space in your home? 

Look for furniture with storage

When it comes to furniture shopping, we recommend keeping an eye out for furniture that incorporates storage. Not only are these pieces lots of fun but they also assist in maximising the small volume of space available to you within the home. 

Furniture with storage may include bed heads with built-in bookshelves, bed side tables that offer drawers for underwear and socks, coffee tables with shelves or drawers to keep your living room sorted, or even ottomans that can store blankets and pillows within them. 

You may not realise it now, but these extra bits of storage will be a big help. 

Utilise vertical storage

Next up, we recommend utilising as much vertical storage as possible. This means installing shelves and hooks onto your walls to ensure you’re maximising the space available to you. These are particularly handy in bedrooms and can even apply in the bathroom, by placing shelves above your toilet! Who would have thought? 

Consider a fold down desk 

If you have teenagers or school aged children in your home, chances are they require a desk! If bedroom space is tight, consider a fold down option that can be folded back up when not in use to cater for extra play space. This creative option allows you to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to bedroom space. 

Install hooks inside your wardrobe doors

If you’re feeling the pinch on wardrobe storage, consider installing hooks inside your wardrobe doors. Here you can hang bags, scarves, jewellery, shoes, bras – the options are endless and are most definitely going to help you save space and feel even more sorted! 

Use peg boards on free walls 

Finally, if you’re someone who accumulates lots of hangable items we love the idea of installing peg boards on free walls. That’s right, these are not limited to the garage as they once were. Peg boards can be painted an assortment of fun colours and can provide an element of interest for interiors while also being super practical in helping you maximise space. 

Something we love the sound of! 


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