How to Make Wardrobe Organisation Easy 

There are two schools of people when it comes to wardrobe organisation. Those who love organising (you know which category we fall into!) and those who look at their wardrobe and see nothing but a disaster zone. 

We’re here with our latest blog to show you that wardrobe organisation can be easy! 

Dedicate time to the project

We’d love to tell you that wardrobe organisation is quick and easy – it is once your wardrobe IS organised, but you will need to dedicate some time to the project to get your wardrobe looking this way. We recommend setting aside an entire afternoon. 

De-clutter first

Before any real organisation can happen you need to de-clutter your wardrobe. Are you holding onto items you know you’ll never wear again? Now is the time to say goodbye to these items. 

Sort clothing seasonally

Next, remove all clothing from your wardrobe and sort by season. If you’re short on wardrobe space, vacuum seal bags are a fantastic investment. These bags allow you to store items you won’t need until next season in a much smaller space. For example, you could consider storing your summer clothes away until they’re needed again. 

Utilise space above and below hanging areas 

Do you have a big space beneath your hanging area? Use it! We love using shoe racks at the bottom of wardrobes, as they allow you to store twice as many shoes in a clutter free way!  

Hang items by type

After you’ve de-cluttered your wardrobe items we recommend hanging them by type. This means hanging coats, pants, dresses, skirts etc. together. You will save space and time getting ready of a morning by being able to locate each item of clothing quickly. 

Ensure you can see everything

Many people think an organised wardrobe is one that fits everything they own – it’s not! You should be able to see everything you own clearly when you open your wardrobe doors. If you have to dig right to the back of the wardrobe to locate an item, you’re not done organising. 

Maintain daily by placing everything back where it belongs

At the end of each day, ensure you maintain your freshly organised wardrobe by placing everything back where it belongs. This means putting your shoes on the shoe rack instead of kicking them off in the corner of your bedroom. 

Once you get into the habit of maintaining your wardrobe organisation you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! 


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