How to Make Things Happen

It may sound wishy washy or vague, but the way you think about your business can play a huge role in determining your success. 

You see, our thoughts and feelings are directly linked with our actions and desires. 

So, when we consciously add them all together, we’re actually working towards making things happen – and in our opinion, that’s simply brilliant! 

If this sounds too good to be true in your eyes, we’re here to help explain. 

It’s as simple as maths

As we mentioned above, the trick to making things happen lies in a little bit of math. Our ability to create the life or business we dream about is the sum of our thoughts, feelings, actions and desires. When you have all four parts of the equation working together – anything really is possible. 

For example, you may want to create a better business routine. Your thoughts and feelings about this, need to align with the actions your taking and overall desire to achieve the ideal outcome. Once you’re 100% aligned with your goals – it’s really simple. 

Find your self-worth

One of the biggest hurdles people face is usually linked to self-worth. You see, our ability to make things happen relies on our ability to believe that we can. Wishy washy we know! But when you believe you’re able to achieve something, you’re more likely to do so. 

It’s the same as writing down your goals or telling a friend. When you verbalise these things and make a stand for finding and embracing your self-worth (we all deserve to be happy in this world) big things do happen! So get out there and realise just how important you are and the positive impact you’re having on people’s lives. 

Be prepared to fail 

Finally, the last point is allowing yourself to fail. Not everything you try, and manifest will happen (at least in the beginning). You have to allow yourself some time to practice and in turn be prepared to fail. Only when you’ve gained this true confidence in yourself will everything fall into place. 

Have you tried this technique before? We’d love to hear success stories or failures in the comment section below.


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