How to Make the Most of Your Home Garage

Do you struggle with storage space within your home? 

Or do you often find yourself saying “I wish I had one more cupboard it would make life so much easier”? 

If you answered yes to either, read on. The home garage is often a treasure trove of unutilised storage space. Not anymore! We’re here to help you make the most of your home garage and maximise your storage potential once and for all. 

Never forget the walls

Think about it – walls are the largest area of hidden space in any home. Making it very important to maximise this space within the home garage. 

Shelves are a fantastic (if not mandatory) option for any home garage. Depending on your budget and size restraints you can choose a few shelves attached to the wall, or a floor to ceiling shelving unit. 

These shelves can be used to store any manner of items, such as sporting equipment, tools, baby clothing, even toys and outdoor cleaning products. 

When organising your shelves think about the use of each item before designating it a home. Items used frequently should be placed within arm’s reach (except for tools – if you have children you’ll need to be a bit more careful with these), whereas items such as old clothing, or seasonal clothes you won’t need for several months can be stored on higher, less easy to reach shelves. 

Hang items on walls too

Now, once you’ve got your shelving sorted, don’t forget you can hang items on the walls too. 

Consider installing a range of hooks at a high level to hang gardening and miscellaneous tools out of easy reach. This will keep your regular tools nearby but also prevent harm towards small curious hands. 

Remember to de-clutter regularly 

The final step goes for inside your home too. Remember to de-clutter your belongings regularly to stay on top of things. You can choose to de-clutter seasonally or annually but the important thing is remembering to take action! The home garage can often fall victim to an out of sight out of mind mentality when it comes to storing bits and pieces. Don’t let this turn into a habit by being ruthless and realistic about what items get to be stored. 


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