How to Make Cold Calls Like a Pro

Have you ever had a phone call from a sales representative that’s made you think “wow, I need this service”? If you answered yes, you’ve experienced a successful cold call. 

Cold calling is the first telephone call made to a prospective customer and if done correctly, it can be an empowering and effective way to drive new leads, boost business, and develop relationships that are key to success. 

So, how can you make cold calls like a pro? 

Use a script

There is no shame is using a script to make cold calls. In fact, we encourage it. We know how difficult it can be to remember everything on our grocery list, let alone, everything about a service you’re offering or booking consultations for. 

Map the conversation out in advance by writing a short script that introduces all the key points. It’s also important to practice different scenarios and to have answers ready for both positive and negative responses. 

Be open to customising your pitch

Everyone has experienced a monotone, word-for-word, telemarketer phone call. They’re uninspiring and generally leave both parties feeling worse off than before the phone call. Why? Because this method doesn’t allow the caller to veer off the path of the script and customise it to the customer’s needs. 

We know customising your pitch is pivotal to success. It can be as simple as removing any discussion of the home garage or home office, if you know that the person you’re speaking too doesn’t have access to either. 

Speak to the right person

Don’t waste your time pitching to people who don’t have decision making abilities.

If you want to achieve a sale, or book a consultation, you need to ensure you have the person who is responsible for making these decisions on the phone. No exceptions. 

How to get back on track after a bad call

Bad calls will happen. There is no sugar coating it, but you can get back on track quickly. 

Give yourself a five-minute breather to get some fresh air or a cup of tea. Often, simply removing yourself from the environment of a stressful situation can allow you to gain perspective to move forward and onto the next successful call. 

Have you written a successful sales pitch in the past? Or are you already a cold calling pro? We’d love to hear your thoughts and tips in the comments below.


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