How to Make a Winning Impression

One of the best skills you can have in business is the ability to make a winning impression – this can be in person, on the phone, or via email. 

As much we don’t like to admit it, first impressions hold lasting impacts when it comes to judging other people or businesses. But it’s not all bad news, these first impressions are most often linked to whether the person or business come across as capable in doing their job. 

We know you can! So, it’s just a matter of making a winning impression to ensure them you’re more than capable too. 

In person

First impressions in person, often come down to appearance and mannerisms. 

  1. Ensure that you always look polished and groomed. 

When you dress in a careless manner, people often assume that you will approach your work with the same attitude. Avoid this by keeping your hair and make-up simple, trimming nails regularly, and ensuring that your wardrobe is ironed and clean. 

  1. Stand tall

One of the best ways to convey a winning impression is to stand tall. People associate good posture with confidence and competence. Now this is something we can all achieve! 

Over the phone

Some people assume that first impressions don’t count over the phone – well these people could not be more incorrect. 

  1. Ensure that you answer your phone

This step sounds simple, but it’s one that many business owners fail at. We understand that you cannot man your phone 24/7 – rather you should aim to have a policy in place of answering (or returning) calls as quickly as possible. 

When you don’t answer your phone, it gives the impression that you’re too busy for new customers, or that you’re uninterested. Two qualities you never want to give off!  

  1. Voice your smile

Always try and put a smile in your voice when chatting with potential customers over the phone. We all know the difference it makes when you talk to someone who genuinely sounds pleased to hear from you, as opposed to someone who sounds dull and unhappy. Don’t be that person! 

Through Email 

First impressions via email are often tricky, as you’re not engaged in a real-time conversation. To ensure that you come across in the best possible light, ensure you follow these steps. 

  1. Keep it short and sweet

This applies to both your subject line and body of the email. Ensure that you keep your emails relevant to the topic at hand and only include the necessary information. 

  1. Ensure you proof read everything

There is nothing more off-putting than an email filled with errors. Ensure you proof read everything before sending and keep email formatting minimal. 

Have you made a winning impression recently? Let us know what steps you took in the comments below. 


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