How to Maintain a Clean Kitchen

Here at Home Sorted! we’re always on the lookout for cleaning and organisation tips designed to make your life easier. 

In this piece, we’ve compiled our favourite tips for maintaining a clean kitchen. Are you ready? 

Clear the table after each meal 

This one is super simple and works a treat. Get into the habit of clearing the table after each meal, this way you’re not letting mess build up and you can even turn it into a pocket money earning chore for your children. 

Ensure dishes are done daily 

Once you’re clearing the table, the next step is immediately doing your dishes. A great way to apply this rule is by keeping your sink empty – this way you’re encouraged to wash and dry items as soon as they’ve been used or immediately rinse and place in the dishwasher. We also recommend emptying your dishwasher each morning or night to ensure dishes don’t build up. 

Keep kitchen cleaning supplies accessible 

Have you ever heard yourself making excuses for not keeping your kitchen clean? Remove any barriers or convenient excuses for keeping your kitchen dirty by keeping cleaning supplies accessible. We love keeping everything beneath the kitchen sink (including extra cloths and paper towel) to encourage each family member to chip in with the cleaning. 

Keep your kitchen minimal 

If you find your kitchen benches cluttered with items – one way of combating this is by sorting and storing items in baskets or decorative containers. 

Not only does this keep your kitchen looking minimal but it also keeps any mess out of eyesight – the perfect workaround if you can’t stand to let some items go. 

Get into the habit of cleaning as you go 

Lastly, our favourite tip is getting into the habit of cleaning as you go – trust us on this one, it’s an absolute time saver!

What it means is utilizing spare minutes when cooking to give benches or dishes a quick once over. Instead of spending time scrolling your phone or watching TV as your meal cooks you can get yourself prepared by giving your kitchen a once over!


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