How to Keep Your Bedroom Drawers Sorted

Does this sound familiar? You’re getting ready for work and are rushing in the process. You’re searching through your bedroom drawers for that one item you need and can’t find it anywhere! 

You think to yourself how much easier it would be if your bedroom drawers were beautifully sorted, but you simply don’t know how! Have we got this right? 

Lucky for you – we’re dedicating this entire blog to tips for organising and keeping your bedroom drawers sorted. Get ready to streamline your morning routine. 

Get rid of what you no longer wear

The first step is always the hardest and your bedroom drawers are no exception. We recommend starting by decluttering all the items of clothing that you no longer wear. This includes items that are damaged, ones that no longer fit and those that you know deep down you’re only holding onto for sentimental reasons – these ones in particular are doing nothing but hold you back. 

Consider donating or selling good quality items to make the process that little bit more heartfelt. 

Sort drawers by clothing type

Once you’ve figured out what clothes you actually need to find a home for, we recommend sorting each drawer by clothing type. This means designating one drawer to pants/jeans, another to tops and another to pyjamas and underwear, etc.

Of course, the kinds of drawers you require will depend entirely on the kind of clothes you own. For instance, you may need an activewear drawer or an extra pants drawer if this item of clothing outweighs others. You will also need to take into account the amount of space that you have available. 

When placing items back into their designated drawers ensure that they are folded neatly to maximise space – it may seem like a pain now, but it’s worth it in the long run. 

Consider drawer dividers

When sorting small items like underwear, drawer dividers can be a fantastic solution to keep items sorted. 

They also work a treat for socks! 

Create good habits 

Finally, and in our opinion the most important tip is getting into a good habit of putting your clothes back into the drawer in which they belong. 

Each time you have folded washing or ironing to put away, ensure they’re placed back into their designated place – this way you’ll know exactly where to look when you’re pressed for time in the morning rush. Makes sense doesn’t it? 


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