How to Keep Paperwork Organised

Do you struggle to stay on top of your paperwork, let along keep it organised? 

As a business owner you can try every excuse in the book, but at the end of the day, you need to ensure your paperwork remains organised. 

We recommend following these few simple tricks to keep your paperwork organised from this day forward. 

Use a diary or electronic calendar to stay on top of appointments

Don’t stress about missing appointments by using a diary or electronic calendar to keep track of your time. 

Electronic options such as Google calendar are great because they sync to all your devices and allow you to access your calendar no matter where you are. Provided you have a Wi-Fi connection of course. 

Create a filing system that works for you

Every business owner must have a filing system and it must be a system that works for you. 

There is no point designing a filing system that you think you should be using, if you know that you’re not going to use it. 

A great base system is using folders to sort different kinds of documents including contacts, finances, sales, general information and so on and so forth.

We recommend using an electronic filing system. Not only will it save you physical space, but with so much business conducted via email these days it’s a great way to keep everything you need at the tip of your fingers. 

Keep electronic backups of all important documents 

If you don’t choose to implement an electronic filing system, you must keep electronic backup of all important documents. Consider storing these on a cloud based storage system or external hard drive for safety.  

Dedicate 20 minutes to filing every single day

Don’t let your paperwork get out of hand by dedicating 20 minutes to filing every single day. We recommend doing your filing first thing every morning. No one wants to spend time filing at the end of the day, instead move this task to the start of your day to approach it with a fresh mind. Sound good to you? 

That’s it – with these four simple tips you won’t have to worry about unruly paperwork again. Instead you can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee without the stress. 


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