How to Handle Rejection

We’ve all been rejected before. It’s a horrible feeling and something no one wants to experience. But the fact is, in business you will be rejected. It will happen frequently. And you need to know how to handle it like a pro in order to keep succeeding. 

When dealing with customers there are multiple scenarios that come up repeatedly. We’re here to help you deal with these scenarios and equip you with the skills required to ensure you’re built for success.  

  1. The “I can’t afford it” customer

Most people don’t want to spend their hard-earned cash on something they’re unsure about. For this reason, you need to explain your value to the customer. 

Let them know what they are receiving for their money and how you will make their life easier – this is a major selling point that should never be forgotten! 

We also recommend not focusing on the cost of your services. While this may seem like a selling point, the true value of your service rests with how you will make your customers life easier. If you can convey this – customers won’t get bogged down with dollars and cents. 

  1. The “I can do it myself / find it cheaper elsewhere” customer

We all have someone in our lives who think they can do absolutely everything. Am I right? The key point for dealing with a customer like this is to focus on what makes your service different. 

Sure, they may be able to use another service provider for a cheaper rate or do the job themselves, but are they getting the same final product? 

This is the perfect time to talk about what you can offer that they can’t. After all, will they be able to achieve everything that you could? 

  1. The “I’m too busy for this” customer

Today’s lifestyle is a busy one! We’re not denying this. Rather than being discouraged, you should always use this fact to your advantage when dealing with time-poor customers. 

Inform the customer how your services can save them time and money in the long term and outline what changes you recommend. Sometimes, they just need a nudge in the direction of a stress free, sorted life! 

Do you have a technique for dealing with rejection? Tell us about it in the comment section below!


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