How to Get Better at Public Speaking

The thought of standing up in a room full of people to speak can be frightening. The same can be said for talking to small group of people about your business or even conducting one-to-one sales. 

Like most business skills, public speaking can be learned and improved with practice. For this reason, we’ve compiled this quick guide to help you through your next frightening moment. 

Be prepared

Preparing yourself for public speaking is the number one key to confidence and this extends to what you want to say, as well as how you want to present yourself. 

There are usually a handful of common scenarios when you will need to speak in public. This may include networking events or presenting your business and service to small groups of people. We recommend preparing small conversation starters for each scenario and learning these to an extent where you feel comfortable inserting them into conversation. Often having cues like these will assist in building confidence in unknown situations. 

You can also choose to prepare a familiar and confident outfit for times when you know you may not feel at ease. Knowing you look and feel great can provide a much-needed confidence boost that translates across to verbal communication! Consider this a win-win! 

Rehearse with friends or family 

If you’re prone to anxiety or stress about public speaking, it can also be a good idea to rehearse with friends or family. It may seem silly at the time, but anything that works towards reducing your overall fear is a good thing! 

You can also choose to rehearse in front of a mirror if this makes you feel more comfortable when starting out. 

Don’t stress the small mistakes 

Finally, remember not to stress small mistakes. 

Whether you’re speaking to four people or presenting in front of 400-people mistakes will happen at some point in time. We always advise that people learn to laugh at their stuff-ups and move on. After all, you can’t go back in time to change what happened so why sweat about it? 

Have you found a way to beat nerves and smash every public speaking opportunity? We’d love you to tell us about it in the comments below.


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