How To Find Motivation To Sort Your Home

There are plenty of activities you’d rather be doing. It could be binge watching Netflix with a glass of wine. Shopping with your girlfriends or indulging in an afternoon of self-care, complete with massage and facial. But where does this leave your home? 

Of course, you’ve thought about getting sorted before. But the thoughts typically stop there. You’re simply not motivated to get started and so you continue to live in chaos. 

But what would you say if we told you… it’s possible to find motivation and get the job done? 

Create a plan

To find motivation, you need to create a plan. By sitting down and mapping out what areas of your home you want to sort – you will likely be greeted with excitement and enthusiasm. Two feelings that will keep you going while you work on our next point.  

Give yourself a deadline or goal

Once you’ve decided what needs to be sorted, it’s time to set yourself a deadline or goal. This will look different for everyone but may involve setting aside weekends or afternoons to sort and having a list of what space within your home you will tackle and when. This way you will always have a reference point to keep you motivated and on track. 

Get your family involved

Motivation can be fleeting when sorting your home. We understand this, which is why it’s often pays to enlist your family to help. If you have teenage children, they can oversee decluttering their own bedrooms. Younger children will need to be advised more closely – for this we recommend setting them small tasks they can complete. They’ll feel involved and help you get the job done.  

Split the job into smaller tasks

Like most household tasks, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or starting to lack motivation – it’s a good idea to split the job into smaller tasks. This will usually prolong your deadline, but it can help keep you motivated. 

Instead of spending an entire weekend sorting your home, you can set aside two-hour blocks where you sort one area within your home. As we mentioned the whole project may take longer – but getting it done is of course the larger goal. 

Visualise the bigger picture

If you start to feel your motivation wane, take a moment to visualise the bigger picture. When you see yourself living in a calm, sorted and relaxed environment, you’ll be filled with motivation to keep going. 

Reward yourself 

Finally, we all know that sorting your home can be a big job! Ensure you find motivation and keep it by promising yourself a reward for a job well done. Whether it’s a glass of wine or a new book, knowing there is something waiting for you will keep you pushing forward. 


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