How to Finally Sort Your Home Garage

For most people, the home garage is a place where clutter is stashed and often forgotten about. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

With the right tools and action plan, you can sort your home garage and keep it that way. 

Keep reading to find out how. 

  • Give yourself plenty of time 

When it comes to sorting the home garage, it’s usually best to set aside an entire day or even weekend to get the job done. If you can’t commit to a large period of time, consider sorting it in stages, sections or following our next point. 

  • Get the whole family involved 

Does your home garage store sporting equipment, tools, as well as general odds and ends? Fantastic! What this means is that you have the perfect excuse to get the whole family involved in the process. Doesn’t that sound great?

  • Remove the clutter 

We recommend starting the sorting process by removing each item from your home garage. You can choose to place these across your back or front yard, while also removing clutter. 

If you know deep down that you have a lot of clutter to remove, consider hiring a skip or having a trailer handy to visit your local tip. 

A good rule of thumb is getting rid of any item that you haven’t used in 6 to 12 months, as well as items you forgot you had in storage. Trust us on this one, if you didn’t remember it was there, you won’t miss it. 

  • Group similar items 

Next up is the process of grouping similar items. What this means is keeping sporting equipment together, tools together, gardening equipment together and so on and so forth. 

This will make finding things a lot easier than digging through an array of boxes and shelves each time you try to find something. 

  • Use vertical storage

Finally, our top recommendation when placing items back into your home garage is to use vertical storage. This can be achieved by installing shelves or hooks on the perimeter of your home garage where you can keep boxes or hang items. 

Not only does this look stunning but it saves you space and keeps items safe and off the ground. 


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