How to Declutter Your Wardrobe Today

When it comes to bedroom organisation, no area is more important than your wardrobe. 

Think about how calm and relaxed you feeling knowing where every item belongs and how much time you can save getting ready each morning. 

With home isolation restrictions starting to ease around the country, our social and work calendars are starting to fill – and if you ask us, there has never been better motivation to declutter your wardrobe than now! 

Step 1 – Remove all items

Start by removing all items from inside your wardrobe. You may choose to place them across your bed or use a portable hanging rack if you have access to one within your home.

Step 2 – Declutter items you don’t ware

When it comes to decluttering, we recommend creating three piles of clothes – to donate, to sell, and to throw away. 

This will ensure that your clothes are moved on in an appropriate way and you may even be able to make yourself a few dollars on Facebook marketplace or eBay. 

Step 3 – Sort hanging items by type

Once you’ve narrowed down your clothing it’s time to start filling your wardrobe again. 

We recommend sorting hanging items by type – you may also consider hanging them by length to save space and keep a uniformed look within your wardrobe. For example, hang coats, then dresses, trousers, skirts and finally tops. 

Step 4 – Ensure drawers are tidy

Next up are your bedroom drawers. These deserve the same attention as your hanging area and items should be folded or rolled to maximise space. 

We also advise that you sort drawers by clothing type – same as your wardrobe – so you always know where to find everything.

Step 5 – Consider a shoe rack

Do you have more shoes than you can count? 

A great way to save space in your wardrobe is to place a shoe rack beneath your hanging items. Not only will your shoes remain sorted, but you won’t waste time rifling through shoe boxes or a pile of sneakers each time you need to find a pair. 

Step 6 – Close your wardrobe doors and relax

Finally, ensure that your wardrobe doors are able to close. Once you’ve achieved this you can stand back and enjoy your hard work. 

We sure hope we’ve motivated you to declutter your wardrobe today! 


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