How to Declutter Your Beauty Products

Are you obsessed with beauty products? Perhaps your bathroom cabinet or make-up table is covered in chaos? 

If either of the above sound familiar, keep reading! Our latest blog discusses how to successfully sort beauty products to ensure your daily beauty routine is free of mess.  

  1. Cull items you no longer need

We know this is not what you want to hear, but the best way to sort beauty products is to start by culling the items you never use as well as products that are past their expiry date. 

As a general rule, unopened products should be discarded after three years and any opened products after six months. This will vary depending on the product type, as well as the light and temperature of where it was stored. 

  • Place frequently used items together

After you’ve culled the items you no longer need, divide the remainder into two categories: everyday items and special occasion items. 

This will allow you to store your everyday items in an easy to reach place and to minimise distraction when getting ready of a morning. 

  • Choose storage options

When choosing storage options for your beauty products, we strongly recommend compartmentalising items by type. Not only does this make it easy to find what you’re looking for, but it also helps with cleaning and general maintenance. 

There are many different storage options for beauty products. Some of our favourites are listed below.  

  • Cutlery trays can be used inside of cabinet drawers to keep items separated and tidy. 
  • Small containers are great for keeping similar items grouped together. 
  • Jars are perfect for storing items that need to be kept upright like liquid eyeliners, mascara, or even make up brushes. 
  • Acrylic drawers are great for make-up aficionados. 
  • Maintain your make up brushes

When was the last time you cleaned your brushes? These should be done of a weekly basis to ensure they’re free of harmful bacteria – and of course, clean brushes are better to use! 

Set yourself a time each week to maintain your brushes. 

  • Put everything back where it belongs 

Finally, there is no point sorting your beauty products to perfection if you’re not going to put everything back where it belongs! This step is the most simply of them all but it’s also the one people avoid most. 

We know you can do it! So, go on, put everything back where it belongs. 


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