How to Crush Procrastination

Have you ever had an hour, a day, or even a week where you struggled to get anything done? 

Maybe you’ve talked yourself out of starting the tasks on your to-do list or found yourself binge watching another series on Netflix and avoiding responsibilities all together. 

Either way, no one is immune to procrastination. 

It’s a familiar feeling, but it’s also a feeling that you can crush and turn into productivity with a few simple tricks. Keep reading if you’re keen to hear more. 

Commit to getting things done

The first step to take in crushing your procrastination is committing to yourself (and others) that you will get things done. This may be as simple as writing yourself a to-do list, speaking to your colleague about any challenges that you’re facing, or sharing your to-do list publicly for a dose of accountability. 

Hit the ground running

Next up we recommend hitting the ground running, by making sure you get out of bed each day with a plan and a list. 

This allows you to know what you need to achieve in advance, as well as how much time you have to get it done – as our next point explains. 

Break down your goals

If you really want to crush procrastination, it’s always a great idea to break down your goals into smaller parts. Once you have done this you can designate time limits to each task and set dates for when they need to be completed by. 

Sometimes a smaller goal (that leads to a bigger one) and some inflexible deadlines are all that’s really needed. 

Forgive yourself if you mess up

Finally, remember that we all mess up from time to time. Even if you start every day with the best intentions there will be moments when things don’t go to plan. You may miss a deadline or skip a task – the point here is to ensure that you don’t dwell on it, that you move on, and look towards the disappointment as a way to figure out what you can do differently. 

Do you have a method for crushing procrastination when it strikes? We’d love for you to tell us about it in the comment section below. 


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