How to Create the Perfect Guest Room

Have you ever wanted to create the perfect guest room for family or friends? We sure have – that’s why we’ve pulled together this brilliant guide! Are you ready to impress your out of town guests? 

Ensure you have the basics

When putting together the perfect guest room, it’s important to consider your guests comfort and provide the basic items necessary to achieve this. At a bare minimum you should have a bed and somewhere to store clothes – everything else is an added luxury but will definitely contribute to the overall experience. 

Make room in the wardrobe and drawers

If you’re using the wardrobe and drawers as spare storage, we recommend making room for your guest’s items before they come to stay. Simple things like this can make a world of difference to someone staying away from home. 

Also remember to provide some spare coat hangers. 

Provide fresh linens and towels 

Next up is fresh linens and towels. Ensure the bed is made in clean linen and leave a stack of towels in the guest room. This enables your guests to take care of themselves without having to ask for every little thing they need. 

Trust us, this is as much for you as it is for them! 

Little extras make the world of difference

If you’re extra keen, you can extend this to small extras such as toiletries. It doesn’t take a huge amount of effort to stock your bathroom with soap and some generic shampoo and conditioner. Sure, most people will arrive with their own, but this is your friends and family and you want them to feel welcome in your home! 

Air the room out during warm days

We also recommend airing your guest room out during warm days – and as often as possible! This way your guest room won’t develop a stale smell that is hard to get rid of. Doesn’t that sound fabulous? 

Make memories and cherish them

Lastly, we recommend cherishing the time you have with your friends and family when they come to stay. Having a nice place for them to rest their head is good and all – but it doesn’t beat fun, exciting memories. 


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