How to Create a Work Routine

For many people, working from home is the ultimate dream. They imagine lounging around on the couch, taking long coffee breaks with friends and working in pyjamas.

The reality is very different. Business owners who operate from their own home need to ensure that they have a solid work routine in place. 

For this reason, we’re sharing our top advice for creating a work routine (you can even choose to use this one if you work from an office) destined for success. 

Get dressed 

Start each day as if you were heading into an office by getting dressed. You don’t have to wear business attire but creating a work uniform will help you switch your mind into work-mode each morning. 

Designate your working hours and stick to them

This one is pretty self-explanatory and goes hand in hand with getting up at the same time each morning. While working from home does offer flexibility in the times you can work, we recommend designating daily working hours to ensure you achieve a level of work-life balance. 

Plan your week in advance

Next up is planning your week in advance. This allows you to accommodate any extra-curricular or family activities that may be scheduled for each week – you can also choose to accommodate these when setting your designated work hours as discussed above. 

The main point here is not letting work take over your home life and vice versa. 

Create a workspace

We also recommend ensuring you have a designated workspace within your home – including a desk, chair and computer. This way when you sit down in your workspace you know it’s time to get working! 

Take breaks like you would in an office 

Finally, when setting a work routine don’t forget about breaks. We always advise our consultants to take breaks as if they were working in an office – which means, taking a lunch break away from your desk. 

It may sound simple but getting away from your desk for a minimum of 30 minutes each day is a fantastic way to recharge your mind and smash out your afternoon work feeling revived! 

Share your favorite tips for setting a work routine below! 


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