How to Convey Professionalism Over the Phone

It sounds simple. You pick up the phone and say “hello”, right?

Whilst this approach may work in your everyday life when answering calls from friends and family, in a business setting, you need to be extra diligent to ensure you convey professionalism with each and every phone call. 

In order to simplify this process and show you how easy it’s done, we’ve created this informative guide. 

  1. Answer calls promptly 

Ideally, you should attempt to answer calls within three rings. The last thing you should do is keep customers waiting. We understand that you will not always be at your phones side, but endeavour to follow this rule whenever possible. 

  1. Introduce yourself 

The first thing you should always do is introduce yourself. It sounds mighty simple, but it’s often a step that people forget, especially if they’re not the person making the call. 

The easiest way to do this is to simple say “Hi, this is [insert name] from [insert company], how may I help you?”. 

  1. Speak concisely and clearly

We all live busy lives, for this reason, it’s important to follow good communication skills and speak concisely and clearly when on the phone. 

Aim to get straight to the point – without being abrupt. 

  1. Listen to the customer

This point sounds like a no-brainer, however it’s very common for people to get caught up explaining their company’s mission or sell without first considering what it is the customer is saying. 

Get into the habit of actively listening to the customer, you can also take notes if it helps, to ascertain what problems they have, and devise a plan of how you can help find a solution to these problems. 

  1. Avoid slang 

Professionalism is never conveyed via slang or informal language. Ensure that you use proper language at all times. Business calls should be treated differently to those you make with friends or family. Proper language also conveys a level of respect towards your customers. 

  1. Check for voicemails often

Lastly, professional phone etiquette includes checking for and responding to voicemails in a timely fashion. You can set a routine for yourself that includes checking for voicemails at the start and end of each day – or a similar time frame that works best for your working arrangement. 

Have you had any issues conveying professionalism? Tell us your stories in the comment section below.


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