How to Build Business Contacts

Business contacts are one of the most needed recourses in business, no matter the service you offer. 

Now, before you say that finding business contacts are easier said than done, consider these pointers.   

What business contacts do you already have? 

It’s always easier to lean on business contacts that you already have than find new ones. So before you take the next step think long and hard about who you know, or who you have networked with in previous business settings. Most people are generally quite amazed at how many contacts they have when they sit down and think about it. 

Attend networking events 

Networking is an effective way to develop sales opportunities and contacts. It’s often based on referrals and introductions from people within the business world. These introductions can happen over the phone, via email, or at networking events.  

Networking events are a fantastic way for those who are starting out in business to develop contacts as they allow you to introduce yourself face to face. 

After all, who doesn’t like being able to put a name to a face and vice versa. 

You may be wondering what the best way to find networking events in your local area is? 

You should always start with some online research. A simple google search of networking and your local area should do the trick. Additionally, local councils often have fantastic websites that list locally run events by business groups. Websites like or social media are also used to list networking events.  

Build your online network 

When building contacts, you simply cannot ignore LinkedIn. The social network is designed as a place to connect with and stay in touch with contacts from your business world. Need we say anymore? 

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile set up, you know what you should be doing next. 

Maintain your contacts

It’s important to remember that the meet and greet of networking is only the beginning. Once you’ve acquired the details of useful business contacts it’s imperative that you maintain these relationships. 

A useful way to do this is via social media or email. Consider sending out a monthly newsletter that offers updates on the status of your business. Engaging with other businesses will also help get word out of your own. 

Have you attended a networking event before? Tell us your experiences in the comments section below.


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