How to Bounce Back from Rejection

Rejection can be difficult to handle. And as awful as it is, most businesses will come face to face with rejection more often than they care to admit. 

But the good news is, you can bounce back from rejection and all it takes are a few simple tricks. 

Are you ready to learn how? 

Expect rejection and take it seriously 

There is no point being naive. Most businesses will face rejection and there is no shame in expecting it to happen. It is these early failures that will help you shape your business and enable you to thrive for longer. 

Be prepared for the inevitable 

You know that rejection is coming, so the next step is getting yourself prepared for the inevitable. 

We recommend having one or two rejection responses prepared. These can include information about why your service is the better option, what you have done for previous customers or even customer testimonials. 

The important message here, is that you’re prepared to answer rejections. 

Look at the problem

Rejections offer all business people a chance to learn and improve their business. 

Is there a common thread with all your rejections? Are you not offering your customers the right solution to their problem? Are your sales skills not up to scratch? 

Use rejections as a time to reflect and improve on the overall state of your business. A few rejections now, may mean less later on. 

Make changes where necessary 

If you identify a common thread with all your rejections, you need to be prepared to address this thread and make changes where necessary. 

There is no point remaining stagnant in a system that’s not working to its best capacity. 

Keep your emotions in check

Finally, mentally strong people know how to keep their emotions in check and how to distance themselves from their business. 

It’s very easy to start blaming yourself for each and every business rejection – but you need to stop doing this now. Business rejections are not a personal reflection as to who you are as a person, so please don’t think of them this way. All you will get is a sense of self-doubt and that’s something you definitely don’t deserve. 

Do you have a way of handling rejection that works every time? We’d love to hear all about it in the comment section below.


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