How to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

With 2018 starting to draw to a close, it’s time to take stock of your marketing strategy and plan ahead for the year ahead. 

Consider what worked and what didn’t 

When it comes to marketing strategies, you can’t move forward if you don’t first look back. We recommend setting aside an afternoon to consider what worked or is working in your current strategy and what can be improved upon. This will enable you to hit the ground running when it comes to devising and boosting your new strategy. 

Learn who your target audience is

Most small businesses think they know who their target audience is. It may be the ‘ideal’ customer they have in their mind, or a profile of a person who they believe would benefit most from the product or service on offer. But does this 100% match up with your current customer base? 

Learning who your target audience is will allow you to optimise any and all marketing efforts. 

Build a story for your customers 

Stories should form a crucial part of any marketing strategy. In the past, marketing a product or service was a simple process due to the small number of advertisements on offer. Today, it’s imperative that your product or service stands out from the crowd, which is where stories come into the equation. 

Look at what your product or service can do for your customer and tell this story. You can also choose to highlight what makes you different or tell the story of how your business came to be. 

Use social media

Social media is a fantastic platform for getting word out about your business. You can choose to share original content, or content created by those who have engaged your business previously. Both strategies function to position your business as a thought leader in the industry and can serve to drum up new business. 

Additionally, social media provides a platform for real-time communication with your customers allowing you to answer common questions and deliver quotes seamlessly.

Is there anything better than that? 

Have you found a marketing strategy that works? Share your tips with us in the comment section below.


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