How to Best Sort Your Refrigerator

Do you know what items are best stored in the door of your refrigerator? What about in your crisper? And lastly, is it ok to store fruits and vegetables together? 

If you’re feeling a little confused – you’re in luck! 

This week we’re talking all about refrigerator storage and sharing some of our favourite – and most used – tips with you! 

Save the door for condiments 

If you’re used to keeping milk and yogurt in the door of your refrigerator – now is the time to stop. The refrigerator door is the warmest section of the refrigerator and therefore should be kept for items that take the longest to spoil. 

We recommend using this area to sort and store condiments, or long-life items such as fruit juice. 

Separate your fruits and vegetables

Did you know that you should never store your fruits and vegetables in the same crisper compartment? 

The crisper is designed to maintain a moist environment that is ideal for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh longer – but some fruits can be bad for others! 

What happens is that certain fruits contain chemicals that help them to ripen – when certain vegetables are exposed to these chemicals they too can ripen quickly and spoil before you have the chance to consume them. 

That’s why we always advise our customers to keep fruit and vegetables in separate compartments! 

Store meat together

When organising your refrigerator, we also recommend picking one section of the refrigerator to become your meat area. 

The best choice is the lower shelves as this is generally the coolest part of the refrigerator which will aid in storing meat, seafood and dairy products. 

Also remember to give this area a thorough clean weekly for any meat juices that may have accidently been spilt. 

Organise your leftovers 

Lastly, we recommend creating a leftover system that allows you to take full advantage of the meals you make by reducing wastage. 

Our favourite system is storing leftovers on a single shelf and keeping a running list on the outside of the refrigerator door. Simply write down the meal and date that it was cooked and cross it off the list once eaten. This will help you prioritise which meals to eat first and help you reduce unnecessary wastage. 

Two things we love the idea of! 


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