How to Be More Productive

How would you rate your productivity in 2017? Were you able to stay on task? Did you always get to the bottom of your to do list? Or would you say that you have room to improve? 

We’ve put together a handful of excellent tips to help you get more productive in 2018. 

Are you ready? 

Set and follow deadlines

Productivity will seem impossible if you don’t understand what you’re working towards. This is where deadlines and task lists come into play. 

If you know that a certain task has a deadline you’ll be more inclined to work hard to finish the task and in turn increase productivity, which is a double win in our eyes. 

Take regular breaks

Don’t listen to anyone who says they can work an eight-hour day without taking a break. They’re either lying or not being very productive at work. 

Ensure you schedule regular breaks into your day. Not only will you feel refreshed after a quick ten-minute pause, but you’ll notice improvements in your focus and concentration levels too. 

Limit your time on social media

Are you wasting time scrolling through various social media feeds? 

It’s incredibly easy to lose an hour or two of your day to this seemingly innocent habit. But an hour or two adds up and before you know it, you’ve lost an entire work day from your work week. 

Try and limit your time on social media to one hour per day, preferably outside of working hours. 

Schedule challenging tasks for the morning 

Most people achieve their peak performance in the morning. Use this fact to your advantage by scheduling challenging tasks first think every morning. 

This will allow you to cross difficult tasks off your task list with ease and provide a sense of achievement and productivity early on in the day. 

Ensure you’re getting enough sleep

All the productivity tips in the world will never be enough, if you’re not getting enough sleep. 

Try and achieve the recommended eight hours each night by following a bedtime routine and reducing screen time in the lead up to sleep. 

Do you plan on increasing productivity in 2018? Tell us how you plan to work harder and smarter in the comments section below.


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