How to Be Better at Social Media

We hear all the time how important social media is for business. But it can be a confusing world when you’re just starting out. 

Thankfully you’ve got us! Our aim with this piece of writing is to share our top tips in the hope that they make a large impact on your own skills. 

Write captions you love to read

The thing with social media is, you need to be engaging! If you find yourself drafting captions and getting bored when you re-read them in your own head, it’s time to start again! 

This may be a brutal thing to hear – but if you’re not interested in what you have to say, what makes you think anyone else will be? 

We recommend starting out writing captions that are short, sharp and witty. Try and get a dose of your own personality into them for extra flair! 

Show your behind-the-scenes

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make with their social media is forgetting to be human. The whole point of social media is to share a glimpse into the day-to-day functioning of your business and if you’re not doing that – you’re missing out! 

We always recommend that businesses take a personal approach with their social media. This may be behind-the-scenes photos of you on the job, progress shots of work, or just snippets of your day. 

By letting your social media followers come along the journey – you’re increasing your sense of authenticity and may even score a few extra sales in the process! 

Communicate with your following 

Lastly, one of the ways to make the most impact with your social media is to communicate with your following. 

This means liking their comments, chipping into the conversation where possible, responding to enquires in a timely manner, and generally being ‘active’ on the networks that you choose to use for your business. 

The more time you spend engaging with the community, the more they’ll engage back – and this is what you’re aiming for! 

Do you have a tip for getting better at social media? We’d like to hear them all in the comments below! 


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