How Does A Sorted Kitchen Make You Feel

Take a moment and walk into your kitchen. What do you see when you look around? Better yet, how do you feel? 

Is your kitchen sorted or a space in need of a makeover? Of course, your answer will be personal to you but there are many common feelings that arise when you have a sorted kitchen. 

Here, we share five feelings our clients always report experiencing and how you can achieve them yourself. 

Calm and relaxed

Each time you enter your kitchen, whether for a snack or to make dinner, you should feel calm and relaxed. This comes from knowing where each of your dishes and cooking tools are located, to maintaining a well sorted refrigerator and pantry. 

You’re certain to feel calm at the sight of order and motivated to keep your kitchen gleaming this way! 


Productive feelings stem from one thing. A reduction in cooking time! That’s right. With a well sorted kitchen you will have systems in place for planning meals, you will know where your recipes are located and have the ingredients on hand to create delicious and nutritious meals for your family.

Imagine using the time you’ve saved to read a new best seller or catch up on that must-watch Netflix series. 


Any parent knows that your kitchen needs to feel (and be) safe. Hazards are kept out of sight and clutter is minimal. Your children can safely fetch snacks and items around the kitchen without accidentally opening a bottle of dish detergent or equally hazardous chemical. 

Knowing your home and kitchen is safe, allows you to feel safe at all times… which leads us to our next point. 

Ready for anything

A sorted kitchen allows you to feel ready for anything. And we mean anything! Whether this is surprise guests on special occasions, your children having friends over for dinner on short notice or impromptu family dinners – you know and feel ready for any occasion thrown your way. 

You’re not worried about finding extra plates – you know where they are. You’re not phased about making a meal feed more people – your recipes can be doubled. You’re more than excited for creating memories and chatting with your loved ones around the dining table.

And deep down, you know that this is all possible by maintaining a sorted kitchen! 


Our final and at times most important feeling is happiness! This may come from peering inside a beautifully sorted pantry, knowing you have systems in place, being able to find the correct baking dish when preparing dinner or a completely unique reason.

What matters most is that your kitchen makes you feel happy, and we’re determined to help you achieve this and more. 


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