Home Organising Projects for the Long Weekend

Long weekends…they’re made for sleep ins and Netflix binges, right? 


Instead of wasting another long weekend on the couch, use this Easter break to get a jump start on your home organisation with these long weekend approved projects. 

Go on, hop to it!

Declutter your wardrobe

How long have you been saying you’re going to get your wardrobe sorted? Grab yourself a garbage bag and start sorting. We recommend donating good quality items you no longer need to charity and tossing out any items that are unwearable. 

It’s also the perfect time of the year to start sorting through any seasonal items that can be placed in or out of storage for the cooler months. 

Spruce up your home garage

When is the last time you gave your home garage a sweep and clean? Long weekends are the perfect time to move everything out onto the lawn before getting to work. It may seem like a tough gig now, but you’ll thank yourself when everything has a place to live. 

Create a meal planning system

Meal planning and grocery organisation systems are priceless in terms of saving you time and money in the long run. We love keeping a shopping list inside the pantry or on the refrigerator, so you can add items to the list as soon as you realise you’re running low. 

You can also utilise meal planning systems to organise yourself for the oncoming week. Consider prepping nutritious meals in advance to ensure your health and wellbeing are always taken care of. 

Organise your electronic life

If you’re determined to spend some time on the couch this weekend, make it productive by organising your electronic life at the same time. Big tasks include backing up your electronic files onto an external hard drive and ensuring you have a clear folder-based system active on your desktop or laptop. 

Clean your make-up brushes

This one is for the make-up lovers out there. If you’re not already following a solid routine for your brushes, now is the time. 

Aim to clean them weekly to ensure you don’t have a build-up or germs or bacteria.


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