Home Office Organisation for Messy People

Home office organisation is something you either love or hate. If you fall in the second category and find your home office getting disorganised by the week, we’re here to help. 

After all, a messy home office can make you feel more stressed and less productive (even if you’re only paying bills and sorting important documents), which no one wants to feel. 

  1. Go paperless 

This has to be the easiest way to increase home office organisation! By going paperless, you cut down on the clutter you bring into your life and give your mind a chance to settle. This may mean opting for electronic bills, putting a no junk mail sticker on your letter box or getting rid of old documents you no longer need. 

  • Remove papers before they pile up 

As we mentioned above, opting for no junk mail is one of many ways to keep your home office sorted. We recommend heading straight to your recycling bin and sorting all paper before entering your home office. If you’re someone who just dumps piles of papers on desks without looking – this point is especially true for you! 

  • Keep your desk clear

A messy desk only equals a messy mind. We encourage our clients to keep their home office desk as clear as possible. This means only storing essential items on the top of the desk and choosing to keep everything else in drawers, baskets or boxes. Which brings us to our next point.

  • Sort bookshelves with boxes or baskets

If you’re lucky enough to have bookshelves in your home office, we love the idea of sorting them with decorative boxes (not just plain old archive ones) or baskets to keep the area tidy at all times. Boxes also allow you to keep a little bit of clutter, emphasis on the little, by stashing it out of sight. 

You can also choose to use labels on these to take your home office organisation up a whole extra level. 

  • Don’t forget about your electronic life

Lastly, we’d like to remind you to take stock of your electronic life too. This may include creating folders for emails, tidying up your desktop files or investing in some cloud-based storage to prevent file loss. 

Either way, there are so many quick and easy ways to sort your home office that we’re certain even the messiest of people can accomplish them! 


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