Home Office Ideas You’ll Wish You Knew About Yesterday

Imagine this – you’ve spent hours sorting your home office to perfection, but now you’re finding yourself falling into old habits. 

Is there a way to prevent things from getting out of control? And can you keep your home office organised? 

We’re here to tell you that the answer is yes and yes! Keep reading as we outline how. 

Remove items that are not useful 

Given that you’ve already organised your home office, this step should be a piece of cake! We recommend removing all items that you no longer find useful and being ruthless in the process! 

If you’ve got a whole jar of pens you don’t use, stacks of post-it-notes you avoid writing on, or unopened notepads stacked for days – it’s time to get rid of them. At the very least pile everything into an archive box and store it away. 

Feeling sentimental? Remind yourself that you haven’t used the item by now! 

Get rid of personal items

Next up are those family photos and decorative items that do nothing but collect dust. Whilst they can spark happily feelings, they’re not essential for your home office and could be put to better use in your family room where everyone can enjoy them. 

Reduce your paper use

Do you have a problem with paper? If you find that your clutter is coming from excessive amounts of paper it may be a good idea to look at ways you can go paper-free. This means avoiding printing out documents, opting for electronic copies of bills and invoices, and choosing to focus on an electronic filing system. 

The same rule can also be applied to magazines, newspapers and junk mail. Get into the habit of tossing these into your recycling bin as soon as you’re done with them. You’ll thank yourself in the long run. 

Do a five-minute sweep daily

Now, we’re not talking about the floor here! 

At the end of each day we recommend taking five minutes to complete a sweep of your home office where you put files away, remove dirty cups, empty your rubbish bin and do an all-round clean up. This will keep you on top of the space and prevent old habits from falling back into place. 

Now how great does that sound? 


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