Home Maintenance Ideas

Are you stuck at the end of every week with a messy house and no idea where to begin? You’re not alone! It can be quite a struggle staying on top of home maintenance, as well as looking after your family, and getting to work every day on time. If we all take a few moments each day to stay on top of home maintenance, we can reduce the negative feelings and dread once and for all! 

Cull clutter often

Clutter is the number one issue in home maintenance! Once it starts to build up, there is no stopping it. The easiest way to stay on top of clutter is to cull it often. We don’t mean once a year. You need to stop clutter from forming at the get-go. That stack of magazines taking up space on your coffee table, or empty make up tubes you keep stacked in the bathroom need to go. Spend five minutes each week doing a sweep of your home with a trash can. Toss everything you no longer need and be ruthless about it. 

Reduce the pile of tasks

If you don’t let the pile of tasks get unmanageable – it won’t be unmanageable. When you go about your daily tasks don’t allow yourself to ignore any you see. If you notice a mess in the kitchen, take two minutes to clean it up. Same goes for the bathroom and bedroom. The more you reduce your overwhelming number of tasks, the better you’ll feel. 

Stay on top of the dishes

This tip is more about developing good habits than home maintenance ideas. Get into the routine of doing the dishes after each and every meal. It’s easy to toss them into the sink and say you’ll take care of them later. This leads to breakfast meeting lunch meeting dinner and then breakfast again. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher, simply load it up as you go. Otherwise, take ten minutes after each meal to quickly wash all used dishes. Invest in a drying rack to allow them to air dry. You can even include putting dishes away into your routine. In fact, you should! 


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