Home Maintenance for Everyone

We’re focusing on home maintenance this week, which means it’s time to get yourself sorted once and for all! 

Home maintenance can sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. 

With a few simple suggestions, you can move from room to room ensuring that you’re free from clutter, are 100% organised and ready to tackle anything that life throws your way. 

Are you ready? 


Start by removing any clothes and shoes that are no longer getting worn. Small changes like tossing one coat you no longer need or a pair of old runners sitting at the bottom of your wardrobe can have a drastic improvement. 

Also remove any excess items like magazines. A bedroom should be as simplified as possible to ensure good night’s sleep. 


How many old tubes of toothpaste or out of date products do you have taking up space in your bathroom? 

If you have a product that you haven’t used in six months, it’s time for it to head to the rubbish bin. Not only is it unhygienic and bad for your body and hair to use old products, they’re simply taking up space you could better utilise. 

The same applies to those old make up palettes you have.


Just like the bathroom, the kitchen needs to be free of products past their use by date. Grab yourself a large rubbish bag and tackle the pantry one shelf at a time. Also consider donating items of food you know you’ll never eat to friends and family. 

Family room

The family room can easily build up clutter. Gather up some ruthless determination and head into the family room with the intention of getting rid of clutter today! 

Start by removing any dishes and rubbish. Next focus on magazines and family member items that should be kept elsewhere. Finally evaluate any knick-knacks you have in the room. Are they necessary? Could you do without them? Are they just gathering dust? These questions should help you decide whether they should stay or go. 

A thorough clean

Finally, get sorted by giving your home a top to toe clean. We’re going to assume that you’re cleaning each room on a regular basis but nothing beats taking a few hours and doing the entire home. 

Not only will you feel spectacular and sorted. But you’ll be ready for the next dose of clutter that comes your way. 


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