Hidden Storage Solutions For The Bedroom

The bedroom is a wonderful place for hidden storage solutions that many people simply overlook or underestimate. 

Don’t let this be the reality for you or your clients. Instead, with some savvy out of the box thinking, you can turn a cluttered bedroom into a sorted masterpiece. 

  • Use under bed storage

Under the bed is one of the biggest untapped sources of storage in most homes. Some people think it’s bad luck to store items under the bed or they believe it looks untidy – it’s time to change their mind. 

Under bed storage can take many forms and does not have to be unsightly. You can use baskets or plastic containers that slide out, and nowadays some beds even come with built in drawers. 

It doesn’t matter what option you choose; you simply cannot overlook this area. 

  • Choose tall furniture 

Another way of increasing storage space and finding hidden storage solutions is to choose tall furniture. 

When selecting drawers or designing a wardrobe unit, always opt for the tallest available option. The taller the furniture, the more storage space that will be available. You can also consider slim bookcases or corner bookcases for hidden corners of the bedroom. 

  • Store items above and below the wardrobe hanging space

Does your client have unused space above or below the wardrobe hanging area? Not for long. The bottom area of the wardrobe can be utilised efficiently with shoe racks or boxes for items that are not used frequently like scarves, hats and costume jewellery. 

If there is space above the hanging area, consider storing seasonal clothes that will not be needed for several months in vacuum seal bags. Not only do these bags compact clothes but they also keep them safe from dust and bugs. 

  • Use dividers within the wardrobe

An easy way to free up more storage is to simply de-clutter and sort the areas of the bedroom already in use. 

We recommend using dividers within the wardrobe and bedroom drawers. You can section off areas for different clothing types and streamline storage solutions for accessories. 

This trick is also useful for bedside table drawers. Divide the drawers to hold nightly necessities in their own place. 

Are you ready to get bedroom sorted? We certainly are!  


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