Habits of People with Clutter Free Lives

You’re standing in the living room of a friend or family member. You look around semi amazed. There is not a single item out of place. Their home is so clutter free you can’t help but wonder how! 

There are a number of habits that people with clutter free lives follow. Individually they may not sound like much, but together they can work wonders! Are you ready to adopt a clutter free lifestyle?

Remove clutter as it arrives

It’s as simple as it sounds. If you don’t let clutter build up in your home, you don’t run the risk of it growing into a disorganised mess. 

Remove clutter such as newspapers, magazines, shopping bags, receipts as soon as you bring them into the house. Do you really need to keep last Thursday’s newspaper? 

Reduce worldly possessions to a manageable level

We’re not saying that you need to get rid of every possession you’ve collected over the years. Instead, take to your collection with a critical eye and curate for yourself a smaller collection of pieces you truly can’t live without.  

The fewer obstacles to collecting dust and clutter the better.  

Give everything in your house a ‘home’

Designate a place to every item within your house and get into the habit of returning them to their particular spot after each use. It may take a few days, or even weeks, to get into the routine of not dumping miscellaneous items onto the coffee table or kitchen bench, but in the long run, you’ll not only save time, but you’ll have the clutter free home you dream of. 

Tidy up each evening

No matter how tired you are of an evening, clutter free people always spend five minutes doing a quick lap of their home to remove any excess items. This technique will require you to be a little ruthless at times, but it also ensures you’re not leaving coffee cups in the living room or study. 

Daily maintenance will also make your weekly and monthly house cleans so much easier!

Have regular ‘clean outs’

We’ve all been guilty of keeping clothes we haven’t worn in years. If not clothes, you may be hording shoes, old VHS tapes, kids’ toys, the options are many! Set yourself the goal of having a clean out once every three to six months. Give excess items to friends and family, or donate them to charity. 

The more you prevent clutter from building, the easier it will be to achieve that clutter free life. 


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