Freshly Spring Organise Your Bedroom

At Home Sorted we love spring! The weather is starting to warm up, the sun is shining, and spring organising is in the air. 

For the first instalment of our spring organising series, we’re talking about the bedroom and how you can ensure your space of relaxation remains that way year long. 

Declutter your belongings 

The best place to start with spring organising – is decluttering the bedroom! You don’t need to complicate the process. Simply grab yourself a couple of garbage bags and head in with a determined mind. 

We recommend sorting items into one garage bag for trash and another for donations. You can also choose to add a third bag for items to be sold – as long as you follow through. If you know you’ll just place them aside and forget to list them online, is it really worth it? 

Donate clothes you no longer wear 

You’re not going to want to hear this, but we strongly recommend decluttering inside your wardrobe too! Removing excess items and clothes that you no longer wear will save you time of a morning and enable you to see everything you own in an instant. 

If you haven’t worn something in more than six months or you’re only keeping it for sentimental reasons (same goes for skinny clothes!) it’s time to donate to charity. 

Increase your storage options

Along with decluttering, spring organising is the time to increase your storage options. Consider installing some under bed storage or searching for furniture items, such as bedside tables, that offer inbuilt storage. 

You can also increase storage in your wardrobe by installing hooks inside doors or utilising a shoe rack along the base of your wardrobe. Another handy tip is using drawer dividers for underwear and socks – it may seem like overkill, but you’ll be thanking us when everything is sorted to perfection. 

Take it slow and results will last 


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