Fresh Summer Marketing Ideas

With summer well and truly upon us, it’s time to rethink current marketing strategies and implement some fresh ones. 

Here we share with you our favourite summer marketing ideas. 

  1. Do a letterbox drop 

Letterbox drops are a tried and tested marketing strategy – for one reason – because they work! They’re a fantastic way to spread word of your business within your local area and better yet they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to do. 

Flyers are a great place to start. Compile all the basic information of your business and service onto one sheet of paper and print or photocopy enough copies to be dropped into all the local letterboxes. You can also approach local stores and cafes about putting your flyer on their countertop or on display in their shop window. 

  1. Tap into local summer events

Is there a local event happening this summer? Events such as festivals or markets are another great place to spread word of your business. 

You can make use of the flyers you have already created, team up with another business to cross-promote or just head to the festival and talk to people! Any way you spread word is a good way. 

  1. Engage in email marketing

If you haven’t used email marketing before – you simply must! Email direct marketing, or EDMs for short are a quick and easy way to spread your message directly to your customer. 

We recommend compiling an email list of all your past clients and any potential leads you may have. You can use programs such as Mail Chimp to compile your marketing email and track any leads you receive. 

  1. Tell your customers how you can assist with new year’s resolutions 

A fantastic summer marketing strategy is to advise your customers (or potential ones) how you can assist with their new year’s resolutions. 

For instance, it’s very common for people to resolve to get more organised around the home and within the office. Use this as a launching point for marketing material that explains and shows how you can help achieve this! 

After all, the most successful marketing campaigns show a problem being solved. 

You can also apply this strategy to other summer events, such as getting your home and kids back to school sorted! 

Have you used a new marketing strategy recently? Tell us about it below. 


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