How To Create a Recipe Index

Have you ever struggled to decide what to cook for dinner? We know we have! Deciding what to cook every night can be a difficult task. Especially if you (or your client) don’t have all your recipes sorted! 

But with a good recipe index in place this task can be so much easier. 

  1. Gather your tools

Before you can create a recipe index you need to ensure you have all the needed tools. We recommend using two ring binders with filing tabs and plastic pockets to keep everything organised. 

However, you can choose to use a different type of folder and don’t forget a permanent marker – this will be used to label your index. 

  1. Label the spine of the binder and filing tabs

As a guideline we recommend labelling the filing tabs with the following:

  • Meat dishes
  • Seafood dishes
  • Poultry dishes
  • Vegetarian dishes
  • Desserts
  • Cakes
  • Snacks
  • Sauces
  • Drinks
  • Favourites or frequently used

Of course, you’re free to use any system that works best for you and your client. Some families may not have seafood dishes in their index, others may need additional tabs for vegan or dietary need indexes. 

Once you have labelled all the filing tabs, put them into the binder with a few plastic pockets behind each tab. 

  1. Sort and file recipes

Now that you physically have an index system, it’s time to sort and organise any recipes you and your client have. 

These may be from magazines; they may be handwritten or even printed out from websites. 

As you sort through the recipes place each recipe into a plastic pocket behind the corresponding tab. For example; file chocolate cake recipes in the cake tab etc.

Also sort through any recipe books for favourite recipes of your family. If there are only one or two recipes in each book that are used, consider cutting them out or photocopying to include them in your index and reduce kitchen clutter! 

  1. Make a digital backup

A great idea is making a digital backup of any recipes you would be heartbroken to lose. You can do this by scanning them in and creating an electronic filing system (similar to the binder index) on the desktop of your computer. 

It’s super easy to add recipes you find online to this index and you’re always safeguarded if someone happens to your binder index. 

We love the sound of that!


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