Feeling Stressed At Home?

Feeling stressed at home is becoming increasingly common. From fast paced lifestyles, to clutter and disorder – it’s no surprise that our bodies are no longer coping. 

So, why do you feel stressed at home? 

Your home is full of clutter

One of the biggest – and often less thought about – reasons you may be feeling stressed at home is clutter. It may be in one room of your home or spread subtly throughout many. You may not even realise you’re living with clutter. But hands down, this is having an impact on your body and mind. 

You perceive your home negatively 

When your home is filled with clutter, you are more likely to perceive your home negatively. What this means is that instead of thinking of your home as a place to rest and relax, you may feel like your home will never be good enough. Talk about reducing your quality of life. 

Is this starting to sound familiar? 

Your home environment is making you anxious

When we are presented with clutter, we also send signals to our brain that our work is never done. Imagine coming home from the office feeling tired and facing a new set of signals that tell us we should be cleaning, sorting, or getting tasks done. It’s stressful and exhausting just thinking about it. 

You have trouble sleeping

Clutter can also create physiological symptoms such as difficulty sleeping. Yes, really! 

People who sleep in cluttered bedrooms are more likely to have sleep problems. This may be trouble falling asleep or experiencing broken sleep throughout the night. We all know how it feels to have a single night of bad sleep – imagine how your body would react if you’re dealing with this every night. 

You feel like the work is never done 

Clutter can also make us stressed as we often can’t tell how long or how much effort it will take us to get through all our tasks. You may have a mental to-do list that keeps on growing or the sense that you’re going to be stuck with clutter for the rest of your life.

These feelings can make it difficult to relax within your own home, so it’s no wonder that so many people are reporting feeling stressed at home. 

What’s next? 

We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to feel this way. Our motto is less mess = less stress. And simply put, when you take steps to remove clutter from your home and life, you will start to approach the world from a happier and calmer state of mind. 

If you’re noticing clutter has built up around your home and you’d like to learn what solution is right for you – we’re here to help! 

Home Sorted! offers a wide range of home sorting services, from consultations, regular home sorting services, one-off packages, and even a DIY course to guide you on your own home sorting journey.


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