Feel Satisfied with These Home Sorting Tricks

Our ethos is simple, home sorted = life sorted. Don’t believe us? 

When your home is free of clutter, your life feels easier to manage and for most people this comes with an added bonus of increased happiness. 

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of home sorting tricks that are bound to leave you feeling satisfied. 

Use your home isolation to cross some of these off your list today. 

Display meaningful items 

We love decluttering our client’s homes, but this doesn’t mean we advocate for empty shelves and no personality. It’s quite the opposite. 

Instead of having living rooms and bedrooms full of excessive and cluttered items, choose to display those items that mean most to you. 

Gather inspiration with these ideas: 

  • Avid readers may choose to display a collection of well-loved books in a neat stack
  • Family heirlooms could be gathered together on a mantlepiece
  • Spruce up kid’s bedrooms by displaying LEGO creations on a shelf

Transfer dry goods into glass jars or containers

Next up is your kitchen. For those who love a well-organised look we recommend transferring all dry goods in your pantry into glass jars or containers. 

Not only do they serve to keep your dry goods fresh, but they will create a unified look and feel within your kitchen. 

Fancy labels can be downloaded from websites such as Pinterest or created with a roll of stickers at home. 

For even more organisation and satisfaction – why not transfer this task across to the laundry, bathroom or even your make up collection. The options are endless! 

Create small habits

One of the best ways to feel satisfied at home is by creating small daily habits. These are tasks that you complete without thinking about – and serve to keep your home sorted at all times! 

Some examples may include: 

  • Making your bed each morning
  • Placing all dishes back in the kitchen after use – and running the dishwasher daily!
  • Tossing junk mail into the recycling bin as soon as you receive it
  • Putting items back in their place following use

While these home sorting activities may seem small, together they can have a large impact on your day to day life. We encourage you to give one or all of them a try! 


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