Family Room Updates You Have to Try

Is your family room feeling a little cluttered? Maybe you’re ready to give it an update? 

Well today is your lucky day – we’re here with a whole range of updates perfect for family rooms of all sizes and shapes! 

  • Use furniture that doubles as storage

We love items such as ottomans that double as storage. These are great for keeping kids toys and games under control, or for storing items such as blankets and extra pillows. 

The same goes for storage capabilities in built-in-furniture, like bookshelves and TV units. 

  • Cull your media collection

If you’re anything like most families, you’ve acquired a sizeable CD and DVD collection over the years. But how often do you actually use them? 

With the increase of streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix, our CD and DVD collections are becoming nothing more than clutter. We recommend using technology to create electronic copies of your most treasured items. You can then choose to get rid of or place the hard copies into storage. You’ll thank us for creating the valuable space in your family room. 

  • Store remotes together

How many hours have you lost trying to find your TV remote? Too many! Consider placing a basket or tray on your coffee table to collectively store all of your remote controls. You’ll thank us the next time you need to find one in a hurry. 

  • Keep table tops free of clutter

Another great update is to keep table tops within your family room free of clutter. As mentioned in the point above, you can achieve this by using trays to gather like items together. It’s also a great idea to remember that organised flat surfaces are more pleasing to the eye! 

  • Use baskets and bins for collections

Prevent your family room from looking like a toy shop by utilising baskets and bins to store collections. We love using baskets to store everything from soft toys, to building blocks and extensive Hot Wheels collections. Not only do they look great in the family room, but they can be easily moved around by kids and put back into place. 


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