Family Room Organisation for Busy Families

If your family room could use some organisation, these tips are sure to help! 

Declutter old or unused items

The best place to start is by removing any unused items within your family room. It can be hard to get into the decluttering mindset, so we recommend setting aside an afternoon to sort through to the space and thoroughly come to terms with what needs to go. This may include board games that your family no longer plays, old magazines, books that never get opened or stacks of DVDs that are collecting dust as you watch Netflix. 

Decluttering doesn’t have to be thought of negatively either. You can choose to donate unwanted items to charity, which is sure to give them a new lease on life. 

Keep flat surfaces clutter free

A quick way to stay organised in the family room is to keep flat surfaces like your coffee or side table clutter free. If you have a bunch of remote controls or items that need to be stored here, we recommend selecting a small tray or basket where they can all be placed together. This also makes cleaning a breeze as you only need to move one item instead of many! 

Utilise the space behind your couch 

One of the biggest concerns we hear about family room organisation is that there just isn’t enough storage space! A great get-around for this problem is to look towards areas that you may not be using to their full potential – including the area behind your couch! 

This is the perfect space to stash a trunk or large basket where you can store odds and ends. You could also opt for small bookcases if you have a large collection of novels and better, yet you may choose to place a lamp on top for some minimal lighting! 

Look for furniture with extra storage 

On the topic of extra storage, we also love searching for items with inbuilt storage. This could be an ottoman with a removable top where you can store blankets and cushions or a desk with inbuilt shelves, etc. 

Our final tip – do a daily clean up where you remove everything that doesn’t belong in the family room and put away the items that do! You won’t enjoy it at the time, but you’ll thank yourself in the days that follow when everything has a place. 


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