Extra Curricular Activities Sorted

The importance of school doesn’t solely lie in the classroom. Extra curricular activities have the power to shape your child into the adult they become. 

Extra curricular activities are those activities that fall outside of classroom school learning such as sport, music, social youth groups, and clubs. 

These activities are often undertaken during or after school and give your child a different avenue to learn and develop. 

Why should my child do extra curricular activities?

Extra curricular activities are wonderful for your child’s development. They allow children to improve their confidence and social skills. They also give your child another focus outside of the classroom. 

Children are fast learners and some children need this extra stimulation or balance. 

What options are available?

There are so many options available! The ideal activity will depend on your individual child and where their interests lie. 

The most popular activity is sport. It offers a large range of benefits physically, mentally and socially. There is also a huge range of sports to choose from. 

If your child doesn’t enjoy sport, organise and help them explore another activity. It is also important to consider whether your child would prefer a group or individual activity. 

You can allow your children to explore their interests and talents by organising trial lessons in a variety of extra curricular activities. Encourage them to move beyond their comfort zone. Your children may even surprise themselves in what activity they finally choose! 

Should we focus on fun or future careers?

As we all know, hobbies for some people can turn into wonderful and fulfilling careers. Keep this in mind as your child’s talent grows. It may be necessary to extend their commitments to help them reach the next level. 

Speaking to teachers and coaches for further advice can assist you in deciding how to proceed. 

How can we get organised for these activities? 

  1. Organise a weekly schedule for your entire family – list all activities and commitments on a calendar. Always schedule other commitments around your child’s extra curricular activities. You can find time by planning ahead. Ensure your child knows that commitment and attendance is vital for their chosen activities. 
  2. Ensure you have all the required uniforms, sporting equipment or tools ready ahead of schedule. Consider allocating a separate bag for these items. 
  3. Stay on top of the washing. A great habit to maintain is washing your child’s sporting clothes and apparatus as soon as they get home. This ensures it’s ready for their next session. 


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