Easy Ways to Sort Your Linen Cupboard

Most people fall in one of two categories – those with an immaculate linen cupboard and everyone else. 

Our latest blog is for those who fall into the latter. We’ve created a list of easy ways to sort your linen cupboard. So, what are you waiting for? 

Start decluttering 

The first step is always decluttering your linen collection. This includes sheets, towels, linen napkins, and blankets. 

If you don’t think you’ll use the item again, now is the time to donate them to charity, sell on eBay or pass along to friends and family. This step is particularly important if you have older children and are holding onto items from their childhood. Chances are they won’t want those Disney doona covers on their bed ever again! 

Sort your cupboard 

Once you’ve decluttered your linen collection – the fun begins! We recommend dividing your linen cupboard into sections or shelves. If you’re linen cupboard is large enough – you simply must dedicate a shelf to each type of linen as outlined below. 

Top shelf – this is where you store linen you only use seasonally like extra blankets for winter or spare doonas for house guests. 

Bed linen – we recommend dedicating an entire shelf to bed linen. You can sort this further by dedicating a small section to each family member. If this is not possible, you can also choose to sort linen by bed size. Both methods work great! 

Towels – this is where you store all your towels, bath mats and hand towels. Be sure to sort them into complete sets to simplify the process. 

Miscellaneous linen – do you have a stash of table clothes, linen napkins or other miscellaneous goods in your linen cupboard? Organise the chaos by keeping these items together. You can also choose to use baskets within the linen cupboard to group small similar items together. 

Bottom shelf – if you have space in the bottom of your linen cupboard, we recommend using this area for large bulky items that don’t fit elsewhere. This may look like vacuum cleaners, buckets, spare toilet paper, extra pet food. The list is endless. 

Finally, remember to use labels on each and every shelf. This way you’ll always know where something belongs, and your family will be able to follow the new system – without excuses! How good does that sound? 


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