Do’s and Dont’s of Garage Storage

Garage storage is not often the topic of conversation. We tend to ignore our garages or even worse, turn them into a home for junk.

Have a think about it. What condition is your garage in? Could you use a garage storage revamp? Or are you going about your storage solutions all wrong? 

Keep reading for the Home Sorted! do’s and don’ts of garage storage. 


1 Utilise wall space

Think of your garage walls as prime real estate. If you don’t utilise them properly they can become a vast waste of space. Consider installing shelving along one wall for tools, sporting equipment and storage containers. You can also hang garden tools from hooks off a wall. 

2 De-clutter like a pro

Garage storage often gets out of hand when we start to pile unwanted junk and miscellaneous items. It’s easy to think ‘out of sight, out of mind’. The best way of keeping garage storage in check is to de-clutter like a pro. 

It will take time – but it will be worth it. Sort through every item in your garage and remove any you no longer need. Be ruthless with items in storage. Do you have boxes of baby clothing or toys you will never use? Consider passing these items forward to friends and family, or donate them to charity. 

Freeing up space within the garage will enable you to keep all items sorted and this will save you oodles of time in the long run. 


1 Forget to maintain

The number one rule of garage storage is maintenance. Always put items back where you take them from. There are no exceptions. 

Not only does this system allow you to keep track of where every item is (great for ensuing no tools go missing) but it also ensures your garage is kept neat and organised at all times. 

2 Think the garage is only for men

The home garage is for everyone! When organising a storage system take every family member into consideration. It’s a common misconception that the garage is men’s territory, but this could not be farther than the truth. 

Consider allocating a section of shelves to each family member for storage. This is also a handy way of keeping everyone in your family accountable for their own belongings. We certainly like the sound of that! 


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