Creative Ways to Organise Your Bookshelves

At Home Sorted! we love bookshelves. Not only do they look great in many rooms of the home, but they also offer countless opportunities for home organisation. 

Keep reading for our top 5 creative ways to organise your bookshelves. Are you ready? 

  • Colour code your books

Turn your bookshelves into a feature piece by colour coding your books.  Whether you choose to organise your whole collection by colour, or just a small few, this is one eye-catching and creative way to organise your bookshelves. 

  • Use archive boxes

Archive boxes are the number one must have for bookshelf organisation. Why? Because they have so many uses. 

Use archive boxes to store odds and ends that look cluttered, or to sort keepsakes like photos, game manuals, receipts, etc. 

Decorative boxes are another fantastic option – these can be coordinated with your room’s décor to bring another element of life to your bookshelves. 

  • Display your favourite items

Do you have a collection of items you simply love? Bookshelves are the perfect spot to display these items. 

We recommend grouping similar items together, such as vases, to draw the eye in. 

The main thing to remember when displaying your favourite items is that you don’t have to display every single thing you own. A small cluster of items looks neater and offers greater appeal than endless shelves of the same thing. 

  • Designate a shelf to each family member

If you have a large family, consider designating a shelf to each family member where they can organise and store their own special items. This is particularly great for families with large DVD and book collections. 

Designate the lower shelves to the youngest members of the family. We love the thought of a kid’s shelf full of family favourite picture books, nick-knacks and games. 

  • Don’t overfill every shelf

A key trick for keeping your bookshelves looking picture-perfect is not to overfill every shelf. 

Like we discussed above, too many items will make your shelves look cluttered and messy. Instead, opt to display a small selection of items and hide excess items away in archive boxes or small decorative containers. 


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